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Future Star uses NFT to break the Ice and create a “Web3 version of ByteDance”

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Future Star uses NFT to break the Ice and create a “Web3 version of ByteDance”

May 08
10:45 2023

After the rapid growth of the last cycle, Web3 is gradually maturing and becoming universal. Initially, Web3’s growth was more on a financial level and gaming level, such as DeFi and GameFi, but these were really more of an institutional and crypto-native orgy, with the ‘wealth effect’ being its appeal to outsiders rather than its usefulness.

In layman’s terms, the strong speculative nature of early Web3 was a double-edged sword — while it attracted many investment speculators, it also isolated the average Internet user to some extent. Only by introducing applications that were more friendly to Web2 Internet users and that had the advantages of Web3 technology could Web3 eventually gain mass adoption.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that the large-scale adoption opportunities in the Web3 industry will occur at the application level in the future. And Future Star is a Web3 dark horse project that balances financial attributes and practicality.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Future Star Group has been on a mission to disrupt traditional business models since its inception. Future Star aspires to build an open meta-universe system through NFT and innovative media ecology, based on blockchain technology and Web3 concept, to establish a new disruptive infrastructure for media, advertising, news, sports, games and other industries. We also strive to build a community autonomous, borderless digital asset system for billions of users around the world and make Future Star Coin (FSC) the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Future Star has created a revolutionary pass-through economic system that combines the best of FT, DeFi and NFT, leveraging financial mechanisms and innovative media ecologies to create a truly unique and lasting ecosystem of the X to Earn metaverse!

Future Star has now built a strong ecosystem and product matrix, mainly covering Star NFT mining, Future Star blockchain information platform, Sparkle short video platform, blockchain sports platform, GameFi games and other application scenarios. In the future, Future Star will also launch Future Star DAO, Future Star University and other businesses, and with the development of the ecology, the Future Star product matrix will become more and more perfect.

At the same time, Future Star will also build its own Web3 meta-universe and establish a decentralized social graph that can be combined to link all the products in Future Star’s product matrix, so that users can truly own their own data and can fully obtain the revenue from data realization.

Team Future Star has more than 400 R&D and operation team in Silicon Valley, Canada, Singapore, etc. More than 70% of the team members graduated from Ivy League schools in the United States. The core team has a very good media and blockchain cross-industry work background and entrepreneurial experience, in the industry resources and experience has a huge advantage

At present, Future Star is about to launch the NFT Genesis blind box, the main blockchain information platform Future Star App and the main Web3 segment video platform Sparkle will also be launched one after another. In the media, advertising, news, sports, games and other fields of quiet layout has been easy to see Future Star’s ambitions in Web3. Future Star will how to Let’s wait and see how Future Star will realize its self-worth and whether it can become the “Web3 version of ByteDance”!

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