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High-profile deals, world debuts, development opportunities north of CNY80 billion unveiled-Hong Kong business expedition by Chengdu’s gov-biz delegation yield remarkable results

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High-profile deals, world debuts, development opportunities north of CNY80 billion unveiled-Hong Kong business expedition by Chengdu’s gov-biz delegation yield remarkable results

April 14
17:05 2023

The wall-climbing panda and the golden mask from the Sanxingdui site present Sichuan culture through a tech-tinted prism; 14 innovative tech companies unveil their “trump cards” to showcase the “hard power” of Chengdu’s industrial sector; global debuts of “Made in Chengdu”… It is curtains up at the “InnoEX 2023” held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12th to 15th of April, marking the debut of the Chengdu Government and Enterprise Delegation on this high-profile international platform, and the world premiere of the “Chengdu Strengths” from the manufacturing powerhouse of China.  

A slew of high-profile agreement singed

—Chengdu’s industrial mission “ventures out”

The exhibition saw a series of triumphs for the “Chengdu Industry Corps” from the frontiers of digital twin, communication, information technology, geographic remote sensing services, new materials, renewable energy, biomedicine, intelligent vehicles and beyond. On the first day of the event alone, several high-profile partnership agreements were signed with overseas research institutions, leading industry players and institutional investors.

ADASpace (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. and Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited signed a contract on site, under which ADASpace is to provide the latter with the design, development and delivery of 180 communications and remote sensing satellites, and the development of measurement, operation and control and data processing systems for Hong Kong ground stations. In addition, ADASpace entered into a number of strategic partnerships with Hong Kong Association of China Business Ltd., HKM Investment Society and other Hong Kong-based organizations, covering scientific and technological exchanges, personnel training, “created in China” satellite Internet products and other outbound ventures. Hong Kong Yi Fu Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. teamed up with CNBM (Chengdu) Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. on the CdTe Power Generation Glass Curtain Wall and Rooftop Distributed Power Station in Kunming’s Dayu City, to name but a few.

The closing of a series of high-profile deals is a manifestation of the city’s “strong manufacturing city” strategies coming to fruition, where the establishment of a robust industrial chain is levered to pivot Chengdu’s manufacturing sector towards high-end, intelligence-enabled and green directions.

Chengdu has anchored its future on industrial development and sought fresh growth momentum from innovation. It charted fresh courses of tech development, incorporated the “power chains” of innovation, industry, capital and talent, and engaged in ongoing efforts to improve its industrial ecosystems and key industrial chains focusing on the “5+N” industrial landscape. The city has fostered quality economic growth via a sound industrial system to facilitate a “balanced uptick in both quantity and quality” in a post-two trillion GDP era.

Leading-edge enterprises show their “trump cards”

—Unveiling the hard-core strength of “Created in Chengdu”

Technological innovation is integral to the quality development of industry. Chengdu treats the “key variable” of industrial innovation as the “largest increment” of high-quality growth, effectively fostering the expedited integration of innovation and industrial chains on the back of a high-caliber innovation platform.

This year’s InnoEX event focused on the application of innovative technology scenarios and attracted leading science and innovation professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from across China (including Beijing and Shanghai) to attend. In particular, Chengdu teamed up with 14 tech players to hold special roadshows at the event to showcase the core competitiveness of “Created in Chengdu”, including national “little giants” ADASpace (Chengdu) Co., Ltd, Sci-Tech Innovation Board-listed XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd., and CNBM (Chengdu) Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., winner of the 7th China Industry Award, among other “chain-host businesses” and SMEs.

It is understood that Chengdu has cultivated a total of 202 national SRDI “little giant” enterprises in accordance with the national and provincial strategies to promote SME development, overtaking the majority of its peers, and a total of 1,647 provincial SRDI (specialized, refined, differential and innovative) SMEs.

The highlight of the event was the world premiere of the latest products of industry players, in particular, the SRDI entities, as “Created in Chengdu” left a global audience impressed.

ADASpace (Chengdu) Co., Ltd debuted its latest satellite product, Smartlink Perception AI Satellite, along with the exciting “Eternal Passenger Program”; XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd. offered a global preview of its MoGo 2 new launches; Sichuan Jianshan Technology Co., Ltd., a leader in metaverse and digital twin tech, presented its park city operating system; Koala Vision (Chengdu) Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled the industry’s first independently developed multi-modal artificial intelligence operating system—OSMAGIC; CNBM (Chengdu) Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. unveiled world’s first large-area CdTe glass for power generation; Qitan Technology Co., Ltd. debuted QNome-3841, the first commercial nanopore gene sequencer developed independently in China; Sichuan Camy New Energy Co., Ltd. presented an array of advanced tech products including its lithium battery omni-lifecycle energy cycle system. In a room filled with buzz, the audience were afforded a first-hand experience of how the algorithm technology could precisely empower a host of industries such as new energy, environment protection, digital governance.


Wang Lei, CEO of ADASpace, praised the mission for affording businesses the opportunity to showcase their new technologies, products and applications to the world; and ADASpace will endeavor to meet more sophisticated and extensive world-class demand and continue to promote AI satellite Internet technology in aid of the digital transformation and quality industrial development of the city.

In the Chengdu City Booth at InnoEX 2023 which featured the theme of Tech Leads, Industry Enables, Hong Kong + Chengdu Wins, Chengdu presented exhibits and projects highlighting the “hard core strengths” from the city’s tech sector, gave visitors from across the world an informative tour of how Chengdu’s innovative technologies applied in everyday scenarios, as well as a presentation on the cutting-edge achievements and latest breakthroughs of the city in industrial sci-tech innovation.


“When we thought about Chengdu, cute pandas came to mind. Little did we realize products from Chengdu would be also full of magic. Kudos to Chengdu!” said an excited Hong Kong citizen attending the fair.

“These global new launches and cutting-edge technologies shed light on Chengdu’s industrial prowess.” According to Hong Chow, Regional Director for Western China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Hong Kong boasts of the strong support from China and the access to the world, and will team up with Chengdu to create a science and technology co-innovation platform and foster efficiency and synergy between industry, academia, research and commercial application.” Chengdu is braced for a myriad of development opportunities such as the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and the International Land-Sea Corridor in Western China, and is expected to unleash even greater growth potential going forward.


Sharing Opportunities in City Development

—Investment and Intelligence to Empower Quality Industrial Growth

InnoEX 2023 is an international platform for cities and enterprises to showcase their wide-ranging industrial resources by linking up domestic and international tech startups through exhibitions and roadshows.

In tandem with the elaborate planning of the Chengdu City Booth, the city also gave a keynote speech at the InnoEX 2023 Forum on the strengths and opportunities of the city’s science and technology sector, calling on global business players to invest and embark on new ventures in Chengdu.


A star event of InnoEX 2023 took place in the afternoon of the April 12—the 2023 Chengdu-Hong Kong Investment Cooperation Promotion Conference, hosted by the Chengdu New Economic Development Commission under the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and Chengdu Investment Promotion Bureau, and organized by Chengdu Eastern New Area. With the theme of “Sharing New Opportunities for the Development of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and Jointly Planning for the New Future of Chengdu-Hong Kong Industrial Cooperation”, the conference invited “city partners” to build a “community of endeavors”. At the event, the management committee of Chengdu Eastern New Area signed a contract with Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier Limited and Outlet (International) Limited, and released a list of the first wave of investment opportunities this year, parsing through 58 investment opportunities under six categories: urban functions, ecology and environment, industrial carriers, franchising, housing and infrastructure, with a total investment approximating 81.3 billion. The list includes Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area and Tianfu Jincheng Laboratory (Future Medical City), and various venues and scenarios at the main venue of International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu, presenting potential investment opportunities for global businesses to take up the chance at a share of the city’s bright economic future.


Cathy Yip, Associate Director of International and Mainland Relations of HKTDC, said in her speech that in light of the nascent twin-city economic circle of Chengdu and Chongqing, and the fact that the key sectors top on Chengdu’s agenda overlap with those of Hong Kong, including the collaborative cultivation and growth of key industries such as next-generation information technology, biomedicine, digital economy, cultural and creative industries, shipping, trade and logistics services, and the strengthening of the development of productive service industries, “we look forward to establishing a diversified approach to partnership based on Hong Kong’s functionality and positioning as a city, and joining our forces with Chengdu to usher in a new chapter of economic growth.”

Data show that Chengdu, through its efforts in promoting the extensive integration of the availability of innovation resources, industry, capital and talents, has built up two national strategic emerging industry clusters (including biomedicine) and three national advanced clusters agglomerations (including electronics and information) in Chengdu and Chongqing, and has made the list as one of the first “pilot cities for industrial and supply chain ecosystem development” in China. In 2022, the city ranked 29th in the Global Innovation Index, 30th in the Global Research City Ranking, and 1st in the “Most Attractive Cities for Investment in China” for 10 consecutive years.

As per the overarching strategies of the municipal government focusing on economic growth, we have actively encouraged local businesses to showcase their operations at the InnoEX 2023, in an effort to seize this investor outreach opportunity while exploring two-way business ventures. Our goal is to help our businesses solicit orders, develop production capacity and marketplace, and strengthen our city’s ties to the business sector, raising international investor awareness in Chengdu’s industrial prowess and business-friendly climate,” said an official from the Chengdu Municipal Economic and Information Bureau’s new economic committee.

Since the first quarter, Chengdu has taken concerted, impactful, actions to further its year-round economic development targets, ranging from in-person visits and discussions to investor outreach events held overseas to promote the city’s growth opportunities and projects. The city has long sought to boost its investor appeal by branding itself as a business-serving destination and continued to facilitate the market development efforts of businesses, attracting a growing number of solid investments. As the city becomes increasingly integrated into international markets, Chengdu finds itself better positioned to further enhance its growth resilience and overall competitiveness by optimizing its industrial development landscape, and to achieve innovative industrial development “in leaps and bounds” through pioneering ventures and perseverance. 

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