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A new section will be launched in metaverse platform MetaPoint to build a more complete economy

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A new section will be launched in metaverse platform MetaPoint to build a more complete economy

April 07
02:46 2023

Recently, MetaPoint revealed the launch information of Metapoint, a new sector in its ecosystem. The launch marks the beginning of accelerating the development of multiverse ecosystem infrastructures in multiple metaverses in Metapoint.

Since Facebook’s high-profile transformation into the metaverse field, the influence of the field has begun to spread rapidly around the world. Technology companies and traditional industries are actively integrating with the sector. It can be said that the charm of the metaverse is spreading to all fields of society. Although various metaverse projects have emerged, given the flood of functional homogeneity, this cutting-edge track gradually turns to the competition of visual effects, failing to grasp the core essence of the metaverse. Therefore, the MetaPoint team recognizes that point among numerous metaverse platforms. A new financial module, PointStreet, was born from the metaverse ecosystem.

PointStreet is MetaPoint’s new underlying ecosystem module, which is responsible for supporting economic activities and the ultimate financial order in various environments within MetaPoint for their stable operation. As MetaPoint’s decentralized “Wall Street,” PointStreet will serve as an aggregator for metaverse assets, economic and financial activities, and trading flows, creating a new prosperous world.

Building a Complete Financial Ecosystem in the Metaverse

MetaPoint, as a professional player in the financial sector of the metaverse, believes that the financial operation logic behind the sector will be developed around virtual real estate. As a scarce and valuable resource, metaverse land plots or real estate not only carry all attributes of NFT but also contains elements such as use cases, resources, tokenomics, and social functions. At the same time, those metaverse land plots can also have exquisite but different settings. Those rich and diversified factors will allow the land economy to become a pillar industry leading to the take-off of the metaverse financial sector.

PointStreet’s debut is just the beginning. As the operation of the land economy becomes more stable, MetaPoint will begin to implement more strategic actions to enrich and improve its economy. For example, POT innovative trading model will be completed in three rounds of internal testing soon. At the same time, a new AMM mechanism will be more in line with land trading. Another example is the release of land user cases, activities, and the object editor or creation kit so that every metaverse citizen can DIY any virtual land by themselves, turning it into a beautiful gallery or a solemn museum. This can fully unleash the imagination of players.

Don’t worry about whether the land plots can be applied or not for players who should have multiple assets. In MetaPoint, with only POT, players can enjoy its whole ecosystem. As a valuable token at the core of MetaPoint, POT is deeply integrated with all ecosystem user cases. It is a unique value carrier that is conducive to the long-term development of ecosystem applications.

About MetaPoint: 

MetaPoint is a blockchain-based virtual world where players can plant, run their businesses, build, engage in financial activities, play games, and get entertained in numerous virtual events. They can have fun while being rewarded financially to some extent.

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