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Virginia the Genius, R&B Recording Artist gets Worldwide Attention on Release Debut Album

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Virginia the Genius, R&B Recording Artist gets Worldwide Attention on Release Debut Album

March 29
07:08 2023


Virginia the Genius is a very talented songwriter. She is also an actress and model. However, her true talent shines with the tunes, vocals, and playing instruments. Virginia the Genius is not new to singing or music, in general. She has been singing since she was a teenager. Her intention with soft audio is to connect with the listener’s soul. Virginia the Genius wishes to establish a deep connection with her fans through the power of her vocals advertising her message.

Virginia the Genius Music Life

Virginia the Genius released her first album after much dedication and hard work. The album was called Love and Reality, which resembled her real-life events. The songs were a collection of trials Virginia the Genius faced. It mimicked her tribulations of how the people in her life questioned her ability to become a successful singer.

Virginia the Genius dedicates her music to all the artists who feel trapped inside and victim to societal expectations. She wishes for everyone to be creative and find their voice in life. Virginia the Genius hopes the power of music will help them realize the people around the artists who are good for them. Virginia the Genius understands her struggles well. She wishes the people would see her for herself, to understand and recognize her presence before seeing her as an artist or actress.


Here are a few principles Virginia the Genius follows to boost her creativity

  • Virginia the Genius proposes you make art your priority. Do not prioritize monetizing your talents, as there is nothing more important than your creativity. Finish the art in the morning and then move on to other projects. Lastly, protect your art at all costs because it represents you.

  • Do not spend more than two to four hours writing tunes. Take a lunch break in the afternoon and work on finessing the tunes and audio until the evening. Repeat the process the next today. It will become a ritual with practice, allowing your mind to focus on the lyrics, audio, and music.

  • Virginia the Genius insists you do not become impatient with art! Since it is your career, give it sufficient room to grow as evolution is a huge part of life. Begin the art process by investing one to two hours. The efforts will slowly accumulate into a well-constructed piece.

  • Virginia the Genius asks you to mute the naysayers. Name-calling will only do you harm if you let it. Furthermore, you cannot expect everyone to be your advocate. Therefore, invest in yourself to make everyone proud by achieving your dreams.                   


Virginia the Genius Acting Portfolio

  • Over time, Virginia the Genius decided to diversify her art performances. She was a crucial actress in the storyline in Sag/Aftra movies and plays. Virginia the Genius also made a cameo in the National Security, which you can watch here. Even though the actress appeared in a limited capacity, you can see her emotions surface according to the storyline.

  •  Virginia the Genius has also appeared TV series Justice, By Any Means, in season 2, episode 5. Her character is a sister who has schizophrenia with violent flashbacks. The scene showcases her acting talent during an oncoming attack where the mental disorder is blurring the lines of reality.

  •  Lastly, the female artist is also the winner of Ms San Bernardino County in San Bernardino, California, in 2001.

Browse Virginia the Genius’ music on all platforms to familiarize yourself with her aesthetic. You can play her songs on Apple, Amazon Music, Heart Radio, and Spotify. The tunes will help you recover from personal trauma and bring you closure, which Virginia the Genius hopes her songs achieve.

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