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Creative Biolabs’ Services and Products Exclusively for Aptamer Therapeutics

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Creative Biolabs’ Services and Products Exclusively for Aptamer Therapeutics

March 28
10:10 2023
With unswerving confidence, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing aptamer development solutions and diverse aptamer products to solve clients’ scientific problems during the aptamer development process and to facilitate the development of complement therapies.

New York, USA – March 27, 2023 – Compared to antibodies and protein biologics, aptamers show considerable potential as clinical diagnostic and therapeutic tools since they can be made with high affinity and specificity to interact with any desired targets. Pegaptanib sodium was the first aptamer to receive FDA approval for a therapeutic application, which is used to treat macular degeneration. The birth of pegaptanib sodium significantly encouraged scientists dedicated to the development of aptamer therapy. As an experienced expert in providing creative solutions for the development of complement therapeutics, Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive aptamer development services and a variety of aptamer products that can be applied in the development of complement therapies.

As with antibodies, aptamers have a multitude of applications, and researchers at Creative Biolabs have a lot of experience in employing them in various situations. Moreover, the company is confident in its capacity to supply thorough aptamer development services against a diversity of targets due to its well-rounded SELEX technology platform.

Now a full site of aptamer development services is provided at Creative Biolabs, solving development issues in one stop. Aptamer development services are listed below, including:

* One-stop Aptamer In Vitro Selection Service

* Aptamer-based Conjugation Services

* Aptamer Modification Services

* Aptamer Optimization Services

* Aptamer Characterization Services

* Aptamer In Vitro Analysis Services

* In Vivo Analysis Services

* Application

“It is critically complex to develop high-purity aptamers, which greatly depend on the techniques of experts and technicians and development platforms,” the lab director said, “and our company embraces both high technologies and skilled experts and is dedicated to aptamer development. Therefore, we are a good partner that is worth being trusted.”

In addition to aptamer development services, a wide range of aptamer products with high purity and strict QC for research purposes are also available at Creative Biolabs, meeting clients’ project needs, including but not limited to CD4 aptamer and CD63 aptamer. Scientists at Creative Biolabs will ensure the quality of aptamer products and aptamers against different targets.

To learn more about aptamer development services and products at Creative Biolabs, please visit

About Creative Biolabs

Created with the intention of creating a better world, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing biotechnology services and products to clients worldwide, with a focus on the advancement of complement therapies. It is not unsurprising that the company has received high praise from its clients because it has continually improved its technology capabilities and aptamer development platforms over the past several years. This will motivate them to advance aptamer therapeutic development in a greater capacity.

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