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Flala Creates a New Highland for “Social+Live Streaming”

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Flala Creates a New Highland for “Social+Live Streaming”

March 24
14:15 2023

The year 2023 is the first anniversary of Flala, the emerging social platform. Recently, Flala has updated a new version on the occasion of the first anniversary and launched the live streaming to further enrich the interactive scenarios for users, which implies that Flala has begun to build a “social+live streaming” highland in the social market.

As a young social product, Flala currently boasts tens of millions of users making friends on it through 1V1 chat, video chat, group chat, games and other social means. On the basis of such a diverse social environment, Flala’s participation in the live streaming brings users a new mobile application scenario and a charming new social approach.

Social networking is the core while live streaming acts as the medium, which is a carrier of products that equips with unique characteristics compared with texts, pictures, videos and other media. It has a stronger sense of participation and further narrows the distance between users and enhances interactivity.


The hosts display their talents and life fully in the live room of Flala, where they can connect with fans by audio to chat and interact in real time, drawing themselves closer to their fans; Moreover, users can send diamonds and gifts to their favorite hosts to warm up the scene, or share the link of the live room to others directly. Whenever they send a gift, they can enjoy the gorgeous special effects in the live room. Each gift has a unique special effect, which to some extent triggers the curiosity and desire of competitiveness of users.

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It is reported that Flala will continue to introduce more live streaming functions, such as competition function, like the competition between hosts, with an aim to attract more fans.

This time, Flala combines the live streaming with social products to boost up communication function, which undoubtedly brings more data and exposure to the hosts of Flala, increases the platform’s revenue, and also improves the user’s loyalty to the platform.

By building a real-time interactive dialogue scenario, live streaming is a form to reshape a new way of communication. The “online+offline” scenarios are better integrated, forming a communication force, connecting people and people, people and platforms.

The live streaming section of Flala is aimed at all user, not only the hosts. As the new slogan of Flala goes: Stream it, Share it, Live it! This shows that every user who wants to show and share his or her life or moments can stream it live through Flala and make new friends.


There are still many to be explored and innovated in the path of “social+live”. For example, whether the gift can be more localized, and whether the type of live streaming can be diverse, all of which need Flala’s attention and improvement. The future of the live streaming industry has more room for imagination and the market of “social+live” is waiting for further tapping. There is a long way to reach “social+pan-entertainment”, but as the new slogan of Flala “Stream it, Share it, Live it!” suggests, Flala will continue to march forward with full enthusiasm.

It’s worth looking forward to the progress and achievements that Flala will make in the future.

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