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Amazing debut, Sany Red Swords Fire Exhibition in Hannover, Germany

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Amazing debut, Sany Red Swords Fire Exhibition in Hannover, Germany

July 22
10:43 2022

From June 20th to 25th, 2022, the world’s top fire protection exhibition-INTERSCHUTZ in Hanover, Germany, was grandly opened. As the TOP Fire Fighter in the field of emergency equipment in China, Sany Heavy Industry was on the Hanover Fire Show for the first time, bringing two world-first emergency equipment, and became the most dazzling “star” in the audience, showing the world the hard strength of China’s intellectual creation.

Hanover International Fire Safety Exhibition is held every five years, and it is an international event of fire safety industry. It was postponed for two years because of the epidemic, and this exhibition returned again after seven years. For global professionals who are eager to know the latest technologies and products, this is a long-awaited, unprecedented enthusiasm and much-watched feast.

Thousands of enterprises from all over the world gathered in Hanover, Germany. With the theme of “Protecting Heroes and Protecting Homes”, Sany Heavy Industry exhibited two ace emergency equipment-48m long span water tower fire truck /28m forcible entry fire truck.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Sany Heavy Industry has exhibited its core technologies and innovative achievements in the field of emergency equipment overseas, which indicates that Sany has taken a firm step in the internationalization of emergency equipment.

The eye-catching “Sany Red” and the towering super-long boom at the exhibition firmly attract customers. “Large-span space building fire” is one of the worldwide problems, and it is also the focus of global customers’ attention. The innovative solutions of China’s emergency equipment are displayed with two world-first products of Sany.

Among them, 48m long span water tower fire truck has a maximum range of 80 meters of water cannon, an effective fire extinguishing distance of 140 meters, and a 60-fold “iron long arm” which is 1.6-1.9 times higher than that of the traditional fire truck. It can make the water cannon approach the fire source to the maximum extent and accurately extinguish the fire at 360 degrees without dead angles.

The 28m forcible entry fire truck carries five kinds of accessories with it, which can efficiently demolish different obstacles such as reinforced concrete, brick wall and steel skeleton. It integrates the functions of fire extinguishing, digging, shearing, grabbing and crushing, and can quickly open fire extinguishing and rescue channels.

Both Sany products provide key equipment support for the improvement of fire fighting tactics in long-span space buildings. New technologies, new breakthroughs and new products in China’s emergency equipment field have surprised visitors from all over the world. Customers from Germany, Britain, France and other countries and regions have consulted carefully in Sany exhibition area, showing great interest. They gave a thumbs-up to Sany products and Chinese equipment.

In the rescue of major global disasters, such as Wenchuan earthquake, Fukushima nuclear power plant leakage in Japan, and Chile mine disaster, Sany Heavy Industry guarded people’s livelihood with its equipment. Today, with higher, stronger and more effective innovation standards, Sany has embarked on a road of “independent innovation and strengthening the country with science and technology” in emergency equipment industry, and built a world leader in emergency equipment.

The eye-catching performance of Sany in the Hannover International Fire Safety Exhibition in Germany proves the continuous rise of China’s emergency equipment industry and lets the world see the new strength of China’s intellectual creation. It is believed that in the future, “Sany” red will also shine more brightly on the world-famous emergency equipment stage. More news from:

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