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Beanarella Launches the World’s First Compostable Coffee Capsules

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Beanarella Launches the World’s First Compostable Coffee Capsules

July 06
16:28 2022

Beanarella has launched the world’s first compostable coffee capsules for coffee lovers who also care about the environment. Made of plant-based materials. These capsules can be disposed of in a compost bin and biodegrade within weeks. 

Kaffee | Nespresso | Nespresso Kapseln

With growing awareness of disposable coffee pods’ impact on the planet, Beanarella is committed to providing an eco-friendly alternative. 

So far, their capsules have been certified by DIN CERTCO and have received the germling Logo, making them some of the most environmentally friendly coffee capsules on the market. So if someone is looking for an easy way to enjoy delicious, sustainable coffee, Beanarella is the prime choice.

Kaffeevollautomat | Kaffeebohnen

The beanarella capsule machine is a convenient and easy-to-use coffee maker that offers excellent tasting results. 

The users can create their favorite drinks with just one push of the button and have access to many different flavors from which they choose what suits them best!

Espressokocher | Kaffeemühle | Coffee To Go

In addition, capsule machines can be used as an alternative to Kaffeevollautomat, or coffee maker, to make it even easier to prepare favorite coffee drinks.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder capsule machines are becoming increasingly popular.

Kaffeebecher | Kaffeetassen | Kaffeekanne

Kaffee is a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed in many different ways. At Cafe Kaffee, they offer a large selection of coffee products to suit any taste.

From espresso to cafe creme, they have something for everyone. 

Jura Kaffeemaschine | Milchaufschäumer

Their beanarella Nori capsule machines also allow people to use empty capsules and ground coffee, so they can make a coffee precisely how it’s supposed to. 

In addition, their coffee packaging protects the aroma for maximum taste until just before brewing. This ensures that the coffee is as fresh as possible when people drink it. 

Tee | Delizio | Nespresso Maschinen

Whether someone is a coffee lover or just looking for a great cup of coffee, Cafe Kaffee is the perfect place around.

Nespresso Kaffeemaschine | Espresso | Espresso Maschine

As anyone who has ever used a conventional coffee machine knows, they can be pretty messy. 

Not only do people have to deal with Coffee grounds and residue, but they also have to clean the machine parts. It can be pretty time-consuming. 

French Press | Milchkanne | Teekanne

With beanarella coffee machines, that’s not an issue. Their coffee capsules are 100% compostable, so everyone has to do to clean them is eject the capsule after use and do. 

No mess, no hassle. Plus, their machines are space-saving and come in various colors to match the kitchen decor. Beanarella is a convenient, sustainable way to enjoy great-tasting coffee.

Final Thoughts

The Swiss Coffee Company AG is a company based in the eastern Swiss Rhine Valley and was founded in September 2011. 

They deal with developing compostable products in the coffee sector, and they have succeeded with their beanarella coffee capsule – the world’s first compostable coffee capsule.     

Sustainability has been their goal from day one, and through innovation, they continue to improve upon their products.

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