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First Blockchain-Based Anti-Hash Game ANTI Launched

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First Blockchain-Based Anti-Hash Game ANTI Launched

June 07
00:29 2022

ANTI, which is the first ever anti-hash guessing game, garnered a lot of positive reviews within a few days of its launch. The novel and interesting gameis the first to adopt anti-hash guessing mode in blockchain field, and leads a new trend of reverse option trading, which makes the game essentially different from traditional blockchain games.

In recent years, with the rapid adoption of metaverse by major manufacturers, there are a large number of metaverse projects and metaverse games coming up. ANTI is one of those games that comes with anti-hash and anti-option.

Blockchain and AI-based games are in high demand now, especially in European and American markets, which make investors put their money in these game development projects. Top US game publishers, including Tilting Point and Polygon and Stardust praised ANTI for its unique gaming model.

ANTI, along with Astrokings, The Walking Dead, Casino Slots and ChessUniverse are a favorite of blockchain game addicts, the developers claimed. Many professional players believe that ANTI will lead the blockchain gaming industry in the near future.

In ANTI, the hash of Tron block height is collected every 1 minute, the last three digits are read as the lottery number ball, and the result is judged at regular intervals, where the values corresponding to the three balls’ numbers are located.

In terms of hash roulette, after each session is opened, users wait for the betting interval. When the number of orders is full, they automatically collect the hash of Tron block height at that time to draw a lottery, and announce the winning donation interval based on the last two digits of hash.

The type of game, according to the developers, is novel in form and metaverse-oriented, but it evolved from traditional games in terms of game skills and the details displayed on the gaming interface. This means that ANTI combines traditional fields with metaverse, which can not only facilitate players to get on the metaverse, but it will also bring high returns to players through this new type of game.

The metaverse games supported by ANTI in the future will be perfectly integrated with various types of new technology applications such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, industrial Internet and AI.The application scenario of ANTI games will no longer be a single game state, but will be integrated into blockchain and metaverse in multiple fields and industries, and will be integrated into various types of independent metaverse rights, so as to achieve multi-dimensional development and present a multi-dimensional state in terms of exchange mode, exchange mechanism and exchange types.

According to the developers, as per the current development trend of ANTI, its total number of participants will be more than five times in the next 5-10 years, with a compound annual growth rate of 56%, which means that its popularity will increase rapidly. The rewards gained in the game will be far higher than the returns brought by various mining modes to users. The game aims to change not only the entertainment mode in metaverse’s game field, but also the underlying ecology of metaverse.

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