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NFT Getty: A Platform that Promotes Low Gas NFT Licensing, Minting, Buying, and Selling

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NFT Getty: A Platform that Promotes Low Gas NFT Licensing, Minting, Buying, and Selling

May 12
16:50 2022

The world is paying attention to this new way of presenting assets called NFTs. A non-fungible token represents real-world objects digitally. Blockchain technology, one of the leading technologies these days, is used to secure and achieve visibility for these unique assets, including anything a book, an artwork, music, or game characters. Anything that is one of a kind and in people’s possession can be converted into an NFT. NFT Getty is here to give the solution to all these issues. Want to license, create, buy or sell NFTs? NFT Getty is the answer to all these problems.

This first-of-its-kind NFT platform allows its users to license, sell, buy and mint NFTs commercially and non-commercially with the help of smart contracts. NFT creators can make their personalized art collection and buy others NFTs in a transparent and secure environment. It allows people to license any piece of art or creation so that no other person can claim it, which is another way to monetize art. NFT Getty is the collaboration of the art and blockchain that will open new features for NFT users.

The thought behind creating this platform is to set up an environment where creators will gather, present their NFTs, and socialize in a better way with low gas rates. Licensing NFTs is the most challenging and costly activity in the NFT cycle. In normal circumstances, NFT creators have to pay a hefty fee to the big organizations, or else searching for a no-fee licensing policy is very difficult. NFT Getty tackles all these issues with low to zero gas licensing criteria and provides transparency, security, and legal rights to showcase and sell art on the platform using t