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The ecosystem supported by COTP trading system helps create a trading environment that is more convenient for global users

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The ecosystem supported by COTP trading system helps create a trading environment that is more convenient for global users

January 18
21:39 2022

Block chain technology has been gradually improving and developing since 2008. With the increasing competition in the digital currency industry, excellent industry enterprises pay more and more attention to the research on the market, especially the in-depth research on the development environment and the change of customer demand, which is also the reason why a large number of excellent enterprises have risen rapidly and become leading enterprises in the digital currency industry.

The ecosystem supported by COTP trading system helps create a trading environment that is more convenient for global users

As a top company focusing on digital finance, COTP has been sparing no effort to develop the digital currency industry and creating the world’s first high-frequency trading digital exchange – COTP exchange. Its high-frequency whole network node distributed profit project is the core project built by COTP. The technical team led by Dariush created the top global digital currency high-frequency trading ecosystem and high-frequency whole network node distributed profit system by gathering the top finance, block chain, digital currency Exchange in the world, creating an innovative digital currency trading and investment space for global users.

To provide better services to different users around the world, COTP exchange will offer support in many aspects, including trading currency, high performance, security and stability, liquidity, multilingual, multi-client and derivatives.

Dariush, technical director of COTP company, said, “the COTP exchange we built supports all kinds of digital assets, in which the deposit are solved through C2C gold flow system, and the currency transaction pair is supported.” When it comes to transaction varieties, it focuses on mainstream digital currencies and high-quality digital assets, and supports dozens of mainstream digital currencies. As for digital assets, it should be confirmed as high-quality digital assets through processes including strict due diligence, project rating, smart contract audit, risk assessment before they can be traded in the exchange.

Through COTP, the team’s advantages in technology, operation and resources will be fully cultivated, efforts from multiple perspectives will be made, and sufficient liquidity will be provided for the platform, which will bring users a good trading experience. Main measures include: rich resources and partners in the industry, actively linkage and cooperation with excellent mines, investment funds, financial teams and large trading players around the world that can provide liquidity support. By means of diversified business models, commercial fission and rich and diverse block chain applications, we can improve the number and activity of users on the platform and fundamentally improve the mobility of the platform.

Through the exchange strategy, on the one hand, self operated sites in the compliance market will be developed, and on the other hand, technical support will be provided for teams with resources, flow and capital advantages around the world to open exchanges, such multi-centralized exchange alliance model can realize the in-depth sharing of transactions, which can be handled by hanging orders between different countries and different sites, thereby providing sufficient liquidity support for all sites including COTP exchange.

The ecosystem supported by COTP trading system will create a more convenient trading environment for users around the globe.

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