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Fluidity and Amniotic Harmony – Tamara Knox’s Newly Released Book Uses Fluid Intelligence to Connect People with Their Source

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Fluidity and Amniotic Harmony – Tamara Knox’s Newly Released Book Uses Fluid Intelligence to Connect People with Their Source

January 18
19:58 2022

Tucson, Arizona, USA – January 18, 2022 – International Best-Selling Author and light devotee Tamara Knox has now released her latest book, Amniotic Love: A Body Born Harmony. The new book uses the principles of fluidity and draws on metaphysical concepts to help people align themselves with The Source, thus unlocking limitless potential and activating true joy in their life. Her book is dedicated to all human wombs and the fluid intelligence therein that connects mankind to its highest essence.

Amniotic Love introduces readers to Tamara Knox’s metaphysical experiences, which have opened her up to a universe of spiritual teachings, divine intelligence and unbounded joy from within. The book shares Tamara’s awakening experience in 2008 when she started to develop a unique and innate connection to divine awareness, experiencing an energy transmission that manifested itself in her oral cavity, face and torso. This divine energy heightened her consciousness and helped her attain a broader outlook on different realities. After having studied the world of metaphysics and fluidity for more than 15 years, she is now able to share her experience and help others understand the fluid concepts behind human creation. Tamara also shares the teachings and guidance from her spirit guide and ‘co-pilot in life’ An, along with Archangels Sandalphon and Gabriel who introduced Tamara to the life-changing teachings of the fluid amniote/amnion.

The purpose of Tamara’s new book is to help people understand a blueprint of energetic creation and fathom the intelligence and power that the etheric amniote fluid domain carries and imbues each human with.

Tamara Knox, M.Msc, Ph.D, DD., has dedicated her life to mastering the art of spiritual connection and expanding the space her soul resides in by communication with metaphysical and subtle energies. Doing so has helped regulate her nervous system, turn back her autoimmune disease and rise above common sabotaging behavior patterns. Most importantly, it has allowed her to experience the divine realities of human existence and origin. With her literary endeavors, she can introduce people around the world to the concepts of fluidity and cosmic energies that reside within every human.

Tamara Knox is available for interviews.

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