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Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics Competitive Landscape and Pipeline Analysis, 2021

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Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics Competitive Landscape and Pipeline Analysis, 2021

December 03
14:25 2021
Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics Competitive Landscape and Pipeline Analysis, 2021
DelveInsight Business Research LLP
DelveInsight’s, “Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics Competitive Landscape and Pipeline Analysis, 2021,” report provides an understanding of the current competition, pipeline products, and changing market dynamics of the Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics market in the 7 major pharmaceutical markets. The report also gives a brief competitive analysis of both the current and emerging products, to help understand the competition in the market.

Liquid Biopsy For Cancer Diagnostics Pipeline Insight

Why use Liquid Biopsy instead of Tissue Biopsy?

  • Minimal invasiveness
  • No pain
  • No risk of complications
  • More compatibility with Longitudinal monitoring

Key Players

  • Guardant Health
  • Roche
  • Neo Genomics
  • Qiagen
  • ArcherDX
  • Bio-Techne
  • Resolution Bioscience
  • Personal Genome Diagnostics
  • Helio Health
  • Lucence Diagnostics
  • Foundation Medicine Inc
  • Biocept
  • Sysmex Ionostics Inc
  • Veridex LLC (Janssen Diagnostics)
  • Biodesix
  • Pathway Genomics
  • Exact Sciences
  • Angle Plc
  • GRAIL Inc.
  • NuProbe
  • OncoCell MDx Inc
  • Merck
  • AmoyDx

Major Players in Liquid Biopsy Market

There are approx. 20+ key companies which are developing the products for liquid biopsy products.


  • Liquid Biopsy Cancer Test: GRAIL Inc.

Grail is developing multi-cancer early detection liquid biopsy test or blood test which can detect up to 50 types of cancer and is committed to is committed to develop a deep understanding of cancer biology. GRAIL is poised to detect cancer early by combining high-intensity sequencing of unprecedented breadth and depth with the techniques of modern data science. GRAIL is creating vast datasets to develop evidence supporting their products.


  • Parsortix: Angle Plc

ANGLE’s Parsortix system has the potential to deliver profound improvements in clinical and health economic outcomes in the treatment and diagnosis of various forms of cancer.


Parsortix is different from many of its rivals as, rather than testing for fragments of dead cancer cells, it detects and captures circulating tumour cells (CTCs). CTCs provide the tell-tale signs of cancer and their capture can allow doctors to more accurately assess treatment options. This method is seen as more reliable because other tests have shown that fragments of dead cancer cells are present in around a quarter of people over 65 who do not have cancer. CTCs, on the other hand, give a complete picture because they can only be found in people with cancer.


  • DNA methylation based liquid biopsy test: Exact Sciences

Exact’s DNA methylation based liquid biopsy test detects 80% of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cases across all stages and 71% of early stage cases. It has shown better performance than the most commonly used marker for HCC, serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP).


  • Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics: Commercialization Activity

This segment of the report provides a detailed list of any commercial activity in the field of liquid biopsy products ranging from collaboration, mergers and acquisition, recent breakthrough among others.

Development Activities

  • In November 2020, Grail has announced a commercial partnership with the UK’s National Health Service to make its early cancer liquid biopsy test available starting in 2021
  • In June 22nd 2020, NuProbe and Weigao Group had announced a strategic collaboration to use NuProbe’s proprietary blocker displacement amplification (BDA) technology to develop a liquid biopsy next-generation sequencing panel for non-small cell lung cancer for the Chinese market.

Request for sample pages @ Liquid Biopsy For Cancer Diagnostics Pipeline

Table of contents

1 Key Insights

2 Executive Summary of Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics

3 Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics: Background and Overview

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Tumor Circulome

3.2.1 Circulating Tumor-Derived Proteins

3.2.2 Circulating Tumor DNA

3.2.3 Circulating Tumor Cells

3.2.4 Circulating Tumor RNA

3.2.5 Extracellular Vesicles

3.2.6 Tumor-Educated Platelets

3.3 Applications of Liquid Biopsy in Cancer Diagnosis

3.3.1 Screening and early diagnosis

3.3.2 Treatment selection and prognosis

3.3.3 Residual disease and risk of relapse

3.4 Advantages of Liquid Biopsy over conventional Tissue Biopsies

3.5 Disadvantages of Liquid Biopsy over conventional Tissue Biopsies

3.6 Limitation of Liquid Biopsy Components and its Solutions

3.7 Technological Considerations

3.8 Liquid Biopsies of Biological Specimens other than Blood

3.9 Regulatory Pathways for Diagnostics

3.10 Reimbursement Scenario

4 Marketed Product Profiles

4.1Guardant360 CDx Assay: Guardant Health

4.1.1 Product Description

4.1.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.1.3 Research and Development

4.1.4 Product Development and Commercialization Activities

4.2 Cobas EGFR Mutation Test v2: Roche

4.2.1 Product Description

4.2.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.2.3 Research and Development

4.3 InVisionFirst: Neo Genomics

4.3.1 Product Description

4.3.2 Research and Development

4.3.3 Product Development and Commercialization Activities

4.4 Therascreen PIK3CA test: Qiagen

4.4.1 Product Description

4.4.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.4.3 Research and Development

4.4.4 Product Development Activities

4.5 Archer MET Companion Diagnostic: ArcherDX

4.5.1 Product Description

4.5.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.5.3 Research and Development

4.5.4 Product Development Activities

4.6 ExoDx Prostate Test: Bio-Techne

4.6.1 Product Description

4.6.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.6.3 Research and Development

4.6.4 Product Development Activities

4.7 Resolution ctDx Lung Assay: Resolution Bioscience

4.7.1 Product Description

4.7.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.7.3 Research and Development

4.7.4 Product Development Activities

4.8 PlasmaSELECT 64: Personal Genome Diagnostics

4.8.1 Product Description

4.8.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.8.3 Product Development Activities

4.9 IvyGene DX Liver Cancer Test: Helio Health

4.9.1 Product Description

4.9.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.9.3 Research and Development

4.10 LiquidHALLMARK Test: Lucence Diagnostics

4.10.1 Product Description

4.10.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.10.3 Research and Development

4.10.4 Product Development Activities

4.11 FoundationOne Liquid: Foundation Medicine Inc.

4.11.1 Product Description

4.11.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.11.3 Research and Development

4.11.4 Product Development Activities

4.12 Target Selector pan-TRK assay: Biocept

4.12.1 Product Description

4.12.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.12.3 Product Development Activities

4.13 OncoBEAM Liquid Biopsy Test: Sysmex Ionostics Inc.

4.13.1 Product Description

4.13.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.13.3 Research and Development

4.13.4 Product Development Activities

4.14 CellSearch CTC Test: Veridex LLC (Janssen Diagnostics)

4.14.1 Product Description

4.14.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.14.3 Research and Development

4.14.4 Product Development Activities

4.15 GeneStrat Liquid Biopsy Lung Cancer Test: Biodesix

4.15.1 Product Description

4.15.2 Regulatory Milestones

4.15.3 Research and Development

4.15.4 Product Development Activities

5 Pipeline Products Profiles

5.1 CancerIntercept Detect: Pathway Genomics

5.1.1 Product Description

5.1.2 Research and Development

5.2 DNA methylation based liquid biopsy test: Exact Sciences

5.2.1 Product Description

5.2.2 Regulatory Milestones

5.2.3 Research and Development

5.3 Parsortix: Angle Plc

5.3.1 Product Description

5.3.2 Regulatory Milestones

5.3.3 Research and Development

5.4 Liquid Biopsy Cancer Test: GRAIL Inc.

5.4.1 Product Description

5.4.2 Research and Development

5.4.3 Product Development Activities

6 .Other Developments in Liquid Biopsy

6.1 Liquid biopsy next-generation sequencing panel: NuProbe

6.2 Liquid Biopsy Test for Prostate Cancer: OncoCell MDx Inc.

6.3 Liquid biopsy RAS biomarker test: Merck/AmoyDx

7 Competitive Analysis

7.1 Analysis by Market Status

7.2 Analysis by Number of Industry Collaborations

7.3 Anlaysis by Turnaround Time

7.4 Analysis by Indication

7.5 Analysis by Biomarker Type

8 .DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective

    8.1 PEST Analysis

    8.2 PORTER’s Five Forces

    8.3 SWOT Analysis

8 Market Drivers

9 Market Barriers

10 Appendix

10.1 Bibliography

10.2 Report Methodology

11 DelveInsight Capabilities

12 Disclaimer

13 About DelveInsight

Media Contact
Company Name: DelveInsight
Contact Person: Priya Maurya
Email: Send Email
Phone: +919650213330
Address:304 S. Jones Blvd #2432
City: Albany
State: New York
Country: United States

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