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Agelocer moon watches stands out among small brands, what is its secret?

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Agelocer moon watches stands out among small brands, what is its secret?

July 02
23:10 2021

In the strong market competition in the watch industry, many emerging watch brands also want to take a share of the spoils from it, but have been in a low-end market, they are used to imitation. Recently, with the strong rise of the Chinese watch market, emerging watch brands have changed this situation with innovation and aesthetic enhancement.

Behind the watch industry is the brand competition that has always existed all over the world. In addition to Rolex and Patek Philippe, which have already occupied a certain position in the watch market, some brands have emerged in recent years to conquer consumers with superior quality and real prices, and Agelocer is one of them.

The pursuit of design sense and the desire to be different are the core competitive forces in the watch brand market today. But this cannot be used as a barrier for watch brands in the world field. The background influence of growth and the attitude towards brand development are the cornerstones for the birth of world-class brands. The fast-growing Internet platform has become a platform for major watch makers to make their voices heard. Agelocer, established in 2013, is a very young competitor among watch brands and is trying to take its place in the global watch industry. The brand has pinpointed its target audience, and it has partnered with KOL on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms to reach the center of users’ vision. It has gained the trust of users with a marketing approach that shows the real side of the watch, thus gaining a certain position.

Agelocer defines the brand as “China’s new generation of mechanical watches”, emphasizing high value, high quality and high cost performance. As far as appearance is concerned, Agelocer’s moon phase series watches are currently pursuing the design concept of panoramic display of the moon, with the dial being infinitely enlarged and using the combination of dolomite material and dial to show a three-dimensional panoramic starry sky, subverting the traditional design of the moon concept and catering to the pursuit of individuality of most watch-loving groups.

Its astronomer series focuses on the dial elements of panoramic moon and starry sky, inviting Bug Me Studio, which has designed models for luxury watch brands such as Hermes and Zenith, to co-design. From the analysis of the physical picture online, the processing details are already superior in the same price range. The small moon in the dial shows the ambition of this brand.

Its brands are self-sufficient in everything from small parts to large cases. Brands such as Agelocer are the beneficiaries of a complete watch supply chain system. Agelocer has taken a more radical step by continuing to invest in movement research and development, building on its existing assembly plant. It has now achieved independence in movement design and has partnered with a Chinese movement manufacturer to produce movements, reducing external dependence. The movement is just one side of the struggle of Chinese brands like Agelocer. Watch industry gradually established its own field under the shadow of Swiss patent barriers.

In April, Agelocer’s kickstarter crowdfunding was funded in 15 minutes. After the short-lived success, the brand will face constant challenges if it wants to stand firm in the global watch industry. The convergence of online and offline development has put demands on this group of internet-generated brands. The traditional brands that reacted began to ride the wave. In order to improve product quality, the brands are ready to leave the OEM system they have been accustomed to for many years and set up their own production lines to improve quality control. Because marketing at low prices was not sustainable, they put up their core competencies.

Agelocer wants to excel in the watch industry, and its journey has just begun.

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