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Let’s Celebrate 14th February as Parents Worship Day (Divine Valentines Day)

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Let’s Celebrate 14th February as Parents Worship Day (Divine Valentines Day)

February 11
15:05 2021

Noida, India – On the 14th of February every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by boys and girls especially teenagers and young adults by greeting each other with cards and roses. They have been motivated through Valentine’s Day to believe in such delusional love. This has led to the deterioration of moral values and the right direction to life in the youngsters of these countries. Millions of dollars have been spent by many nations to educate these lost youngsters and to show them the right path to life, but these steps were proved to be in vain. Apparently, these malpractices are timely entering India too.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day must be prohibited in order to protect one’s spiritual power and morality which has been intact for all these years.

As an aid to this, Valentine’s Day has been replaced with Parents’ Worship Day by beloved Saint Shri AsharamJi Bapu. Even though Valentine’s Day is celebrated, history behind it is not known to them.

Many years ago, celibacy is believed in by Claudius, the emperor of Rome and how a man is made not only physically but mentally strong as well by it. As a result, his soldiers were forbidden by him from marrying so that battles could be won by them by staying strong. However, they were helped by St. Valentine marry without letting the emperor know. Evidently, Claudius gets to know this and hangs St. Valentine to death declaring him guilty. Thus, since 496 A.d., 14th February was declared as Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius in the memory of St. Valentine.

The way in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated is an insult to St. Valentine himself because it was to establish a relationship with the lover without getting married. If St. Valentine was not against it, this would have not helped the soldiers marry in the first place. Instead of indulging in such delusional showcase of love, worship the parents on this day who love unconditionally. Bal Sanskar Kendra, conduct Parents’ Worship Day programs throughout the world so that youngsters realise the efforts that parents take for the welfare of the kids, children and understand the value of unconditional true Love.

Let’s Celebrate True Valentine’s Day i.e. Parents’ Worship Day or Matri Pitri Pujan Divas with Parents from this 14th February 2021.

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