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Brand upgrade of Rainbow Children’s Clinic – Create children’s professional medical care through the love of doctors, CEO and Founder WEILU YANG

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Brand upgrade of Rainbow Children’s Clinic – Create children’s professional medical care through the love of doctors, CEO and Founder WEILU YANG

August 06
03:46 2020

The contradiction between supply and demand of pediatric medical services is serious, and private pediatrics ushered in a good opportunity for development

Children’s difficulty in seeking medical treatment has always been a concern of society. According to the statistics of the National Health and Family Planning Commission in 2016, the total number of children aged 0-14 in China is about 230 million, accounting for 18% of the total population of the country; In the same period, the number of pediatric practicing (assistant) physicians in medical institutions was about 118,000. That is, the number of pediatric practicing (assistant) physicians per thousand children aged 0-14 is only 0.53, which is obviously lower than the level of 0.85-1.3 in major developed countries in the world.

With the two-child policy, the scarcity of pediatricians will be even greater. The White Paper on the Current Situation of Pediatric Resources in China released at the end of 2016 pointed out that the development of pediatrics in China is relatively lagging behind. With the implementation of the two-child policy, the unbalanced allocation of pediatric medical resources is becoming more serious, the contradiction between supply and demand of pediatric medical services is prominent, and high-quality medical resources are in short supply.

At the same time, since the implementation of the two-child policy, the number of newborns has increased continuously for several years. Under the dual factors of serious shortage of pediatricians and the arrival of the peak of two-child, private pediatric clinics in China have ushered in opportunities. Private pediatric clinics featuring children’s health care and disease prevention, decorated with childlike innocence and combined with doctor resources in the system are welcoming unprecedented new opportunities for development.

Rainbow Children’s Clinic: One-stop solution for multi-clinic joint treatment

Under this background, Rainbow Children’s Clinic, a pediatric medical team focusing on medical care for children aged 0-14, came into being. Since its establishment in 2014, it has selected the best elite medical teams in the industry, introduced the management and operation experience and advanced equipment of international medical services, and provided family doctor services and full-course health guidance with a one-stop solution of multi-clinic joint treatment. At present, 10 chain institutions have been established in Shanghai.

WEILU YANG, CEO and Founder of Rainbow Children’s Clinic, said in an interview: “Public specialized hospitals have experience in clinical pediatrics, but lack of medical resources, and the experience of visiting a doctor is poor. However, in public general hospitals, pediatric doctors’ resources can hardly match those of specialized hospitals. Rainbow’s model actually fills the gap of graded and layered medical treatment. In China, this is an innovation. Rainbow provides western family doctor service for children. “

With such a mission, Rainbow hopes to play an important role in accompanying the healthy growth of Chinese children, and constantly innovates and develops itself with the fully-hearted service concept of “intimacy before seeing a doctor, comfort when coming to see a doctor, calm during seeing a doctor and care after leaving a doctor”, and is committed to providing personalized diagnosis and treatment services and health experiences for Chinese children and their families.

Rainbow: Committed to building a closed loop of satellite clinic+hospital business

After six years’ development, Rainbow Children’s Clinic has now become the largest and most influential private pediatric outpatient chain in Shanghai, and won praise from many parents. At present, Rainbow Children’s Clinic has ten clinics in Shanghai, which are distributed in different high-end communities and CBD business districts in Shanghai. Among them, there are nine pediatric outpatient departments. Most clinics have children’s general practice, ophthalmology, dentistry, allergy, traditional Chinese medicine and other medical services, which cover children’s medical needs at different growth stages to the maximum extent and realize the ecological chain of pediatric diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, Rainbow Children’s Clinic previously opened an adult clinic in Shanghai through acquisition, extending the medical service from “children” to “families”.

In the future, Rainbow plans to establish a professional hospital in Shanghai, realize the comprehensive integration of children’s general practice and sub-specialties, create a closed-loop business of satellite clinic+hospital, provide parents and children with more professional and convenient medical experience, and create a new model of children’s professional medical treatment through the love of doctors.

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