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Microsoft Uses Holographic Button to Realize One Click Shopping, WIMI Provides Holographic Cloud AI Payment Service

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Microsoft Uses Holographic Button to Realize One Click Shopping, WIMI Provides Holographic Cloud AI Payment Service

April 14
23:35 2020

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into mixed reality and making sure other companies follow suit, according to foreign media MS poweruser. Although the mixed reality is still a small niche market for specific people, Microsoft has been trying to expand its audience. A recent patent from Microsoft suggests that the company may plan to target shopaholics.

In a recent patent application, Microsoft detailed a way to add a shopping button to virtual reality, so shoppers can place orders directly on a headset.


A system and method for hybrid reality is disclosed, including holographic buttons (E. G., 3D objects) that can be downloaded from the provider’s website. The holographic button allows users in the mixed real world to order items by interacting with the holographic button. Users in the mixed real world can place holographic buttons near related real objects. Whenever a user interacts with a real object through its hybrid reality (that is, virtual interaction with a real object), the holographic button can appear, allowing the user to order the elements associated with the holographic button.

In short, Microsoft wants users to enhance their shopping experience with a hybrid reality headset.

Citi believes that AI holographic technology, which has been focused on by the market in the near future, plays a role comparable to the birth of the Internet, and will generate a huge market to replace smart phones. The market space of terminal equipment and surrounding industries is as high as 674 billion US dollars, 4 trillion RMB. In Citigroup’s view, holographic technology will eventually lead to the decline of human demand for physical materials, and the future will be a digital paradise era where everything is possible. According to DIGIC capital, the global holographic market will reach 150 billion US dollars by 2025, with a compound growth rate of more than 200% in the next five years.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) industry ecology covers many subdivisions such as systems, platforms, development tools, applications and consumer content. WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is positioned as an integrated service provider of WIMI holocloud industry chain with content platform construction and content provision as the core.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has absolute advantages in business scale, business volume, customer resources, business model, brand value and other aspects. At present, it has more than 4654 holographic content IP reserves in technical reserves and subdivided into industry leading enterprises. The technology of each link is mature, the number of customers is 485, and the number of holographic AR patents is 224, including 132 patents and 92 pending patents. Strict patent technology protection has become a barrier to enter the industry.

At present, the technology development and content development of holographic industry are in a high-speed development stage. At the same time, a large number of science and technology companies have made a large number of applications for technology patents to encircle the industry technology. Ordinary start-ups need a certain amount of capital accumulation to achieve technological catch-up and breakthrough. And in the field of visual innovation, we need to have a deep understanding and comprehensive grasp of content production technology and visual system development technology. The formation of mature R & D technology capability requires long-term practice summary of enterprises, which is the key to win customer recognition.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) ai-mbt WIMI holographic cloud platform is a high-performance WIMI holographic cloud management platform developed by micro beauty holography (NASDAQ: WIMI). It is mainly used to provide three service systems for enterprises, groups, organizations or individuals: ar3d applications & holographic entertainment, ar3d applications & holographic advertising and ar3d applications & holographic technology services. According to different applicable scenarios, cloud platforms are divided into to B to C, which have some differences in function and feature support. To B mainly provides holographic virtual content and technical support services for advertising, cinema, home decoration, catering, entertainment, entertainment and other companies. The application of to C terminal mainly provides WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) ai-mbt nsdk and its plug-ins, which are used in mobile photography and app applications to provide various personal value-added services, and can also be applied in AR / virtual reality / smart glasses, DLP (digital optical processing) to retina, SDK plug-in and intelligent billing system.

According to the introduction, in the field of smart city, operators help the traditional field to complete the offline scene digital upgrading through the application and innovation of four core technologies, namely AI, big data, face recognition and senseless payment. The application of AI technology, such as robot and voice recognition, can realize self-service in the industry by replacing artificial links with technology; face recognition and senseless payment can bind users and shorten process links such as identity recognition and payment; big data can provide customized and refined operation ability for enterprises through deep learning ability.

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