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What Chemical Reaction Can Be Expected When XT Meets BiYong?

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What Chemical Reaction Can Be Expected When XT Meets BiYong?

October 30
03:10 2019

Since September 24, the United States has imposed a 10% tariff on 200 billion US dollars worth of Chinese products exported to the United States, and other tariff escalation measures will be taken. In the early hours of September 25, bitcoin began to plummet. Bitcoin fell 21.7% to $7660 from 02:00, the first time it has fallen below $8000 since June, the lowest level in four months, according to coinmarket cap.

The Crux of Individual Investors in Unilateral market

In this market fluctuation, the contract battlefield is seriously affected. According to coin data, in the past 24 hours, 920 million usdt (6.65 billion yuan) worth of new orders resulting in margin call have been added across the network, including 6.34 million worth of orders for bitcoin, about 72000 BTCs. However, this is not the first time that such a situation has occurred. The four Sino US trade wars in August had brought enormous influence to the cryptocurrency circle.

The high correlation between political events and bitcoin prices often causes huge losses to the majority of cryptocurrency holders. In the same way, many coin lovers have also experienced the situation that they were thrown off the bus because they knew the so-called “insider information” and bottom-fished too late. Therefore, the majority of retail investors are in urgent need of a platform that can carry out trading operations immediately when news is generated.

The Solution of XT & Biyong Through Socializing and Biyong will jointly launch the world’s first social trading platform. The trading platform combines financial trading platform and social media platform, which can open trading pairs in chat groups, connect traders from all over the world, realize simultaneous information learning and trading, provide them with a community-based platform for exchanging knowledge and viewpoints, and achieve the goal of true social trading.

Six advantages of XT & Biyong Community Trading Platform

XT & Biyong community platform as the revolutionary of digital asset industry, innovatively pioneers community-based seamless transaction at the currency circle, does not create bubbles, meets the inelastic demand, and steadily creates incremental market. Now let’s see what’s remarkable about it.

(1) first-hand information is the premise of making accurate decisions. Most of the time, the analysis we see is drawn from the information obtained by institutions a few hours ago. The widespread of social media networks ensures better instant communication of information. Information is conveyed in a more timely manner than traditional mainstream media through emergencies, which is crucial for investment activities.

(2) community transaction can realize functions such as user transaction tracking, copying operations of other people, providing an integrated learning platform for novice investors and senior investors, all of which to provides a integrated learning platform of practical operation and latest information for beginners.

(3) senior investors can set up their own investment portfolio in the trading community, publish the operation of each warehouse transfer, and attach the reason for such investment, so as to convey their investment philosophy and gain more recognition. When the return of such investment is positive and the portfolio gains recognition to some extent, investors can even charge for their own portfolio. This mode replaces the role of an ordinary investment adviser with a more transparent and flat operation mechanism, so people seeking investment recommendations can choose one or more “investment advisers” more conveniently and satisfactorily.

(4) community based transaction provides more direct and effective tools for community managers, realizes more direct and transparent interaction between users and project parties, as well as community masses and community leaders, and also helps users achieve asset interoperability, turning the large amount of illiquid digital currency accumulated in their hands into valuable assets, which creates a more convenient environment for the betterment of overall interests.

(5) from the perspective of the project party, it is no longer necessary to guide the community to the exchange, and pay a high amount listing fee, nor ever worry about being overcharged by the exchange. The community trading platform, which makes it possible for all users to issue currency and open exchanges, has provided a new fashion for global digital asset trading.

(6) in addition, XT & Biyong community trading platform, as the world’s first community-based trading platform jointly established by and Biyong, shares a more than 7 million global traffic, provides the world’s top ten transaction depth, and helps users to finalize each transaction with the best value.

Global Customized Digital Asset Trading Platform is headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations centers in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and other countries and regions, providing services all over the world. is the world’s first digital currency trading platform with zero leverage interest, with 2.6 million + registered users and a 1.6 billion daily transaction volume. XT has a top matching engine and a six-year accident-free capital security system, supporting safe and fast OTC trading. The trading platform is committed to meeting users’ needs for a holistic ecology in the field of global digital asset, deepening the high-quality resources of the blockchain, mining, pushing and enabling trading of more high-quality, potential and valuable digital assets around the world. It is also the first to propose to provide global customized services for high-quality project parties and make continuous efforts in the ecological landing and commercial application of global digital assets.

BiYong, The Largest Community in Asia

The headquarters of Biyong is located in Singapore. As a social open platform focusing on the blockchain field, Biyong, known as “wechat of blockchain edition”, registered users are close to 5 million according to the official data, and the total number of global communities settled on it is more than 200,000, aims to provide users with a platform for communication and sharing. It can not only provide instant chat for users, help each individual to publish their own information free of charge, allow beginners integrate into the circle quickly, learn the basic knowledge of blockchain, but also can customize the management background for the project party, dock applications such as interactive games, live broadcasting in group, Information Q & A and other functions, help the project party carry out community management in all aspects, and realize one-key exchange of any currency.

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